Trinity Church Wall Street, New York City

Marshall & Ogletree Opus One

Audio and video of the world's most famous pipeless organ.

Our first instrument and still our flagship, Trinity's instrument uniquely represents the epiphany we experienced while we were in the early development stages of our technology. In Trinity's beautiful building our concepts, which had never been heard outside the lab, were tested and proven. Trinity's own entrepreneurial spirit and the faith they placed in us gave them a unique "development partner" status and was responsible, in large part, for the dramatic early success of the Marshall & Ogletree organ. We will always be grateful to them.

Trinity's organ is a double instrument with two consoles. While the chancel and gallery organs share a common stop list they are not identical twins - each organ is sourced from unique original pipe ranks and each organ has a distinctive but complementary tone and balance. There are currently 82 audio channels and over 15,000 watts of amplifier power between the instruments.

Since its dedication on 9/11/2003, Opus One has earned accolades from tough critics, has been played by many of today's leading talents, and it was dubbed "the virtual pipe organ" by The New York Times. It has the distinction of being perhaps the only pipeless organ in the world to become a "pilgrimage" organ. Guests from across the globe come specifically to hear it and thousands worldwide regularly listen to it during worship and concerts on the web.

In the summer of 2006, Trinity's organ made an unprecedented concert tour with stops in Cincinnati to provide music for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, concerts with the Trinity Choir at the American Guild of Organists National Convention in Chicago, and a concert by Cameron Carpenter at Pace University. At the same time, organ music at Trinity's services and its summer organ recital series continued uninterrupted, from Trinity's gallery console.

We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy the extensive variety of video and audio from performances by today's leading organists that we have linked here. And when you are in New York, be sure to stop in at Trinity! 


Cameron Carpenter plays "Carmen Variations" by Horowitz/Carpenter

Robert Ridgell improvises a tribute to Michael Jackson

Robert Ridgell improvises a tribute to James Brown and Gerald Ford

Cameron Carpenter plays the theme from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" by John Williams

Cameron Carpenter plays "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa

Full-length recitals from the "Pedals and Pumps" summer series at Trinity: