OPUS 1 - Trinity Church
Wall Street, NYC

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For a fascinating snippet about this organ from Cameron Carpenter's Sony documentary, click HERE

(The relevant section goes from where it begins to 31:34)

Available for sale, the world's most famous and influential digital organ(s)!
This iconic and world-renowned instrument has been removed from Trinity Church prior to a complete  renovation of the church and the subsequent installation of the new 113-stop Glatter-Götz/Rosales pipe organs in 2021. M&O Opus 1 will be brought back to our shop in Needham, MA, upgraded to include our latest console hardware and software, be
refurbished as needed to be as good as new, and then offered for resale as a new Opus with a new organ warranty. The organ's stoplist can be either maintained or adjusted to suit the needs and interests of its new owner, and the audio system will be re-configured for its new home as well.
This instrument is actually comprised of 2 complete, independent 77-stop 3 manual organs, and can be operated together in one room as gallery/chancel organs or be separated into 2 different organs for 2 different venues. So this provides potentially an opportunity for 2 customers to enjoy the benefits of owning M&O Opus 1. Or, imagine the benefits to a college or university with identical instruments of this size, quality and capability - one for performance and one for practice. What an opportunity to offer students something absolutely unique in all the world like that!
The first console delivered in 2003 was custom designed and constructed by Klann Organ Supply under the direction of industry stalwart Jim Ivanoff. It represents some of Klann's finest workmanship and is a large and impressive console to be sure. The plan is to update this console with our latest hardware, software and control choices before it is delivered to its new home. Just within the past year, brand new long-lever wood keyboards by P&S of England were installed, including Skinner-style toggle touch with compass springs, butter-smooth felted P&S pistons, bleached bone naturals and real ebony sharps. Simply the best keyboards you can buy, and they're BRAND NEW on the Klann console. 
The second console delivered in 2004 was built by Fratelli Ruffatti of Padua, Italy. It is quite simply one of the most extraordinary 3-manual organ consoles ever built, with a breadth and magnitude to rival ANY 5 manual organ! With its intricately carved grape and vine tracery and its remarkable inlaid panel designs, it is an unparalleled piece of organ woodworking. So many of the features and functionality which M&O is famous for today were first introduced in this console. It is a cabinet-maker's masterpiece, featuring the same fantastic P&S bone/ebony keyboards as the Klann console now has, all Harris controls and gorgeous exotic drawknob wood shanks with bone engraved faces.
Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the finest and most famous digital organs in the world, and commission us to create a brand new Opus with new capabilities for your space and your requirements. Contact us today about this opportunity!

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