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"Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle." - Michaelangelo

Marshall & Ogletree Opus Organs
Consistent Musical Greatness, Unequaled Value

It's not easy to build the very best in the world of anything. It takes passion, experience and a determination to never compromise on a single detail. But, if one sets goals correctly, is single-minded and works hard and long enough, it is possible to leave one's mark on the world. These thoughts continue to inspire Doug Marshall and David Ogletree in their quest to build the finest and most important and influential digital organs in the world. The tangible result of their 25 year obsession to advance the art of organ building is Opus.

Marshall & Ogletree Opus Organs are widely admired for their singular craftsmanship, innovation and artistic excellence by musicians at the highest professional levels. Some of the world's most demanding and prestigious customers have commissioned M&O Opus Organs to meet their extraordinary requirements and standards. And if you ask them, they'll tell you that M&O delivered on every promise made.

Individuality is a hallmark of the M&O Opus organ. Each instrument stands alone - conceived and designed exclusively for the customer who commissioned it. Each contains features, capabilities, sounds and designs which separate it from every other organ in the world, including other M&O's. After all, an M&O Opus is a truly bespoke organ, created in the same vein and tradition as boutique pipe organs are. For those who commission an M&O Opus organ, their wish is truly our command!

Opus Organs feature the most luxurious, elegant and musically responsive organ consoles built today. You can't buy a higher quality or better feeling organ console from any organ builder at any price. Though each Opus is unique by definition, they do all share some common physical traits:

  • Solid-wood paneled case construction, with hand-carved and/or inlaid detailing on most instruments;

  • Opulent solid mahogany console interiors, filled and finished in our stunning signature "French Polish";

  • Solid-wood keyboards by P&S of England with long wooden levers and natural coverings of faux ivory or polished cow bone and ebony wood sharps - the best in the world;

  • Integrated, butter-smooth felted thumb pistons built into the keyboard frames with reliable magnetic switching - the best in the world;

  • Drawknob & rocker tablet actions, toe pistons and toe paddles by Harris Precision - the best in the world;

  • Elegant cast-aluminum Skinner-style expression shoes by Harris Precision - the best in the world;

  • Integrated console dolly with concealed wheels for easy console positioning.

At the heart of every Opus organ is M&O's proprietary ForeSight™ console control system, with exclusive features that make an Opus the envy of the organ industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Alternate Stops™ have real-time displays showing a customized list of stop additions for each division;

  • Magic Couplers™ allow the player to group sounds together from anywhere on the instrument in otherwise impossible ways and activate that group on any manual or pedal with a single control;

  • Sweet Key™ Temperaments allow the player to select a historical temperament as well as the key which the temperament is based in;

  • Memory Jump™ allows instant access to any of the 999 built in memory levels with the push of a button.

  • Chamber Sounds™ mimic every detail of a pipe organ's non-tonal sound output, such as the sounds of the blower, chest primaries, stop actions, tremulants, swell shade motors, etc.

  • Our state-of-the-art console hardware design features SmartAction™ technology, requiring far fewer connections and individual microprocessor control of every stop and coupler in the organ.

  • In Opus organs with pipes, the organ can operate in "Digital-Only Mode" or "Pipe/Digital Mode", which offers the player individual control over whether any stop plays as a pipe stop, digital stop or both in real time. Calibrated automatic tuning and comprehensive expression matching for all enclosed divisions is also standard.

​Perhaps the most important attribute of M&O Opus organs, however, is their consistency of excellence. Because we build each instrument tonally on site after installation, you can be certain that the Opus organ we build for you will be a total and unqualified success. It will bring pleasure to both players and listeners alike, and bring admiration from colleagues. When one considers the sobering, skyrocketing cost of new pipe organs (or comprehensive pipe organ rebuilds) today, and adds the very significant risk that such an investment will not actually result in a great instrument, the M&O Opus Organ is a far better, safer and smarter choice!

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