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OPUS 17 - St. Margaret's Epsicopal Church, Annapolis, MD

Click HERE for Opus 16's Specifications
One of the joys of building organs is learning what is possible to achieve in a smaller room with warm, dry acoustics. It has been said that "the room is the most important stop on the organ." At Marshall & Ogletree, we believe that it is totally possible to build a GREAT organ in any room, large or small, reverberant or dry. St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Annapolis, MD is a perfect example.

Opus 17 was designed in conjunction with St. Margaret's Music Director, Jim Douglas and their consultant, Tom
Sheehan, Organist and Associate Director of Music of Washington National Cathedral. Tom and Jim designed a specification perfectly suited to St. Margaret's cozy sanctuary (seating about 200) with lots of color and richness to accompany Episcopal liturgy as well as capably handle any organ literature requirements. Tom Sheehan also performed the dedication recital on the instrument to tremendous effect, bringing the house down! Hearing how the instrument comes together so seamlessly in the space is pure magic!

The beautiful matching casework was built and installed by master cabinetmaker John Kemp, and perfectly complements the oak woodwork found throughout the nave and chancel. This casework houses the 20 of the main speakers of the organ, 10 for Great on the right, 10 for the Choir and Solo on the left. The main speakers for the Swell division are installed on a platform directly behind the central reredos. The 2 M&O SuperSubs™ are tucked away in a corner of the apse, and are practically invisible. All in all, it's about as unobtrusive as a 32-channel audio system can be in such a diminutive church sanctuary!

We are very proud to have been selected to build this magnificent instrument in such a historic and lovely space and in such a wonderful musical community as Annapolis is! Stop by to hear it when you're in the area.
Watch for Videos of Opus 17 Coming Soon!
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