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OPUS 6 - A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel, Gordon College, Wenham, MA

(Watch Videos of Opus 6 Below)

This exciting instrument will have four manuals and 100 stops when complete, with approximately 60 channels of audio. The first phase of the organ project has been completed and included restoring the chapel's original organ console to operability and interfacing it to new M&O computers and audio equipment for the Great, Swell, and part of the Pedal divisions of the organ. Additional phases will see the completion of the Pedal,
installation of the Choir, Solo, and Positiv divisions, and further renovation of the console to include the full M&O ForeSight™ console control system. This will give the organ the complete M&O feature set (status displays, 999 memory levels, historic temperaments, M&O's unique Alternate Stops, etc.). Although the organ is only partially complete, it packs a considerable punch. Based on the sounds heard in these videos, you can well imagine what the full 100-stop specification will be like in this 1000-seat chapel. This will be a concert organ that takes a back seat to none! We hope you enjoy these videos performed by Gordon College alumni Sam Nelson and Brian Glikes, and M&O friend, Brink Bush.
Links to other videos and MP3's of Marshall & Ogletree Opus 6
Featured Video of Opus 6

Sam Nelson - Mozart - Fantasy in f minor, K. 608

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