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OPUS 12 - St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Dedham, MA

(Watch Videos of Opus 12 Below)

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At M&O, we've been honored to build some wonderful instruments for some amazing clients. But until now, all of our Opus organs have been installed at a distance from our home office in Needham, MA. But in the Spring of 2016, that changed.
Located about 5 miles from our office, St. Paul's Episcopal Church in the lovely
Precinct One area of Dedham, MA is well-known throughout the region for its high-quality liturgy and music program under the able direction of David Tierney, St. Paul's is a local parish church with high standards and aspirations. The church's pipe organ, an early Lawrence Phelps-era Casavant organ from 1959, is a little jewel of an organ. Being only 29 stops on 3 manuals and pedal, however, its stoplist and range of color was perhaps a bit 'spartan' to properly support such a varied and excellent music program. The time had come for the pipe organ to be refurbished with new leather, a thorough cleaning and minor repairs made to the 55 year old pipework. Rather than simply rebuild the Casavant console as-is, David Tierney, the leadership, vestry and other consultants opted to have a new Marshall & Ogletree Opus organ console installed instead. The new console controls the Casavant and contributes another 30 stops of digitally produced M&O sounds to 'fill out' the Casavant's lovely but slender tones.

The beautiful new console, built of matching oak cabinetry, has carved tracery in the paneling, a solid mahogany interior with our signature 'French Polish' filled finish, thick-cut polished bone keyboard naturals and polished ebony wood sharps on long shank English keyboards. It is a stunning piece of architectural furniture designed to complement the beautiful Chancel of St. Paul's Church.

Because of the church's proximity to our office, the organ is also specially equipped with the ability to operate as a completely digital instrument without using any of the Casavant pipework. This enables us to demonstrate the instrument as an M&O Opus organ as well as a hybridized instrument containing about 1/2 Casavant and 1/2 M&O stops.
Links to other videos and MP3's of Marshall & Ogletree Opus 12
Featured Video of Opus 12

Samuel Nelson plays Dupré - Variations sur un Noël

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