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OPUS 13 - First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

(Watch Videos of Opus 13 Below)

Click HERE for Opus 13's Specifications
They say everything's bigger in Texas. And, in the case of this instrument at least, with it's 157 speaking stops, it's true!
Marshall & Ogletree is proud to have been commissioned to create the largest traditional drawknob console we've ever built for First Baptist Church. Built of solid oak hardwood panels, in the Skinner tradition, this massive console features extra long English bone keyboards with Skinner style
toggle-touch, felted deep-engraved pistons, Harris drawknobs, coupler rail, toe pistons and paddles and expression shoes. The interior is our signature unstained mahogany with French Polish high-gloss finish. To say that it's stunning would be an understatement.
In 2017, First Baptist Church underwent a total sanctuary renovation. The church continues on with its long tradition of offering a superb music program and great preaching. M&O Opus 13 replaces a smallish 3-manual Garland pipe organ from the 1960's, and brings a monumental new musical resource to the Dallas Metroplex area of Texas. Installation was completed in time for the building's dedication in September of 2017. First Baptist Church's gorgeous new worship space seats nearly 2,000 people! Ask them and they'll tell you - they love their new M&O!
Links to other videos and MP3's of Marshall & Ogletree Opus 13
Featured Video of Opus 13

Doug Marshall plays David Johnson's Trumpet Tune in C Major

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