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OPUS 8 - Cameron Carpenter's

International Touring Organ

(Watch Videos of Opus 8 Below)

Click HERE for Opus 8's Specifications

The International Touring Organ was commissioned by organ virtuoso and phenom Cameron Carpenter in 2013. Following his lifelong dream of creating a world-class organ which could be easily moved from place to place, Carpenter oversaw the design and creation of this instrument to a level of detail unprecedented in our experience. This instrument is designed to fit him, his stature and his musical ideas and priorities like a fine leather driving glove.
The organ contains more than 200
speaking stops, and is essentially a combination of a 4-manual classical/concert organ with a 2-manual theatre-style organ included. This novel and eclectic tonal design idea is one which Cameron imagined, and we carried out. It wasn't easy to make every thing fit and work together properly, but the results are both exciting and promising. The console was engineered and built by master console builders R. A. Colby, Inc. in Johnson City, TN. Weighing in at about 2,000 pounds, the massive 5-manual console had to be both impressively large for stage presence AND transportable. The console was designed so that it can come apart into 6 pieces and be packed in custom-built crates for easy transport. It is possible for 2 men to wheel the console off of a truck and assemble it with the help of a special hydraulic lift in about 30 minutes. Each section of the console has its own independent computer system and power supply, and the console connects to set of rolling equipment racks which house the tone generators, power amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters and other electronics. All components are compatible with both US and European voltages, allowing the ITO to be playable anywhere in the world.
The organ can be configured to operate on only a pair of headphones, with a 2-channel digital or analog feed to a house sound system, with a 24-channel reduced M&O sound system or a full 48-channel M&O sound system. The entire organ, including console, racks and 48 channel audio system can be set up from dock to operational in about 2 hours, and broken down in about the same. Watch a time lapse load-in here.
The International Touring Organ was the subject of an hour-long documentary by Boomtown Media called "The Sound of My Life". It was broadcast throughout much of the world in 2015, and is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD here. A trailer for the production can be seen here. The ITO was also featured in Carpenter's premiere recording for Sony Classical, entitled "If You Could Read My Mind". The album is an astonishing kaleidoscopic journey through Carpenter's musical imagination. It is available on CD with accompanying DVD here.
The schedule for seeing Cameron Carpenter perform on the International Touring Organ can be found on the Calendar page of his web site:
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