Marshall & Ogletree Revelation System
The More Affordable & Expeditious Path to Musical Greatness

By now, most everyone involved with organs is familiar with Marshall & Ogletree Opus Organs, which enjoy an enviable reputation for offering the very finest in digital organ building. Yet, a question we are often asked is, couldn't you also build something more affordable which produces the same incredible sound that your Opus Organs make?

A particular challenge to our offering a 'more affordable' instrument is our firm resolution to never compromise on sound quality. We engineered our OrganPower™ server-based tone generation system to be the ultimate organ sound producing machine, capable of doing anything we might ever ask it to do. As far as we're concerned, nothing less than our best system will do for any and all M&O organs. And of course, that also includes the audio components. We strive for a true 'straight-wire' approach to audio, which requires using components which introduce the least possible coloration and distortion. Therefore, any 'more affordable' instrument we might produce would need to utilize the same tone generator and audio components as our Opus organs do.

M&O Revelation 7 - Page / Bosma Residence, Naples, FL

They also commissioned M&O Revelation 10 for their Enfield, CT home!

(Rodgers Oxford 925 Console w/MIDI Output)

possible to order custom-engraved stop faces, coupler tabs and pistons to reflect new sound choices and capabilities of the upgraded organ console.


 While we must work with the console's existing control system and its inherent features and limitations, there are sometimes creative ways to improve an existing instrument's specification and feature set with a Revelation System. And, perhaps most importantly, Revelation Systems are tonally built and finished on-site ― stop-by-stop, chorus-by-chorus and division-by-division ― exactly like our Opus Organs are. So the musical results are just as consistent and as excellent as well.

Even so, we have demonstrated that it IS possible to build a more affordable instrument by making a different choice regarding the single most expensive part of every M&O Opus organ - the console. By utilizing an existing console (either a digital or pipe organ console w/MIDI output), a custom M&O Revelation System can be designed and constructed offering identical sound quality to our Opus organs - for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the production time. Since we don't have to build a new custom console, in many cases a Revelation system can be installed in just 4-6 weeks!

Marshall & Ogletree Revelation Systems, like our Opus Organs, are designed and built exclusively for each customer, console and venue. In many cases, it is

M&O Revelation 11 - Henry Fairpo Residence, Witcham, Cambridgeshire, UK

New custom built console by Renatus w/MIDI Output

Many customers have found that upgrading their existing instruments with an M&O Revelation System costs about the same as buying a new production-line digital organ. However, whereas the sound of a new production-line digital organ is often (inexplicably) no better than the previous one, the sound and musical results of an M&O Revelation upgrade consistently fall into the O-M-G category! Anyone who wonders whether our Revelation System produces astonishing sound quality might consider visiting our Proof of Concept page entitled "The Mission Project" for verification!

The Revelation System is not a new idea for M&O. In fact, we've been building them from the very beginning. When Owen Burdick, former Director of Music for Trinity Church, Wall Street first visited the shop to hear our prototype in 2002, he actually played and heard an M&O Revelation System. He sat down at a used Rodgers 3-manual digital organ controlling what would ultimately become our OrganPower™ tone generator and audio system. After playing for only a few seconds, he famously remarked "We must have this for Trinity Church!"

Sam Nelson plays Robert Hebble's "I Wonder as I Wander"

M&O Revelation 8, Emmanuel Baptist, Brooklyn, NY just before delivery.

(Austin Organ Co. console w/Peterson control system & MIDI output)

It should also be noted that an M&O Revelation System can be utilized to add digital voices to a pipe organ. We have completed several such installations. The approach is most economical when there are a substantial number of digital voices to add. After all, a single OrganPower™ generator can produce 200 or more stops simultaneously! As a result, the cost of adding a handful of digital voices versus adding 50 or 60 voices is more similar than different with M&O technology. The larger the number of digital voices required, the more economical it is to commission an M&O Revelation System to enhance your pipe organ.

Monty Bennett plays Stanley Trumpet Tune in D

M&O Revelation 2, Friendship Missionary Baptist, Charlotte, NC

(88-rank Fratelli Ruffatti pipe organ w/68 M&O digital stops)

Maybe you've heard that M&O makes the best digital organs in the world, but they're expensive. While it's true that nothing built at the highest level of quality is ever inexpensive, the M&O Revelation System provides an affordable and expeditious path to musical greatness. And that's good news for many organ customers today, faced with replacing an older digital organ with an uninspiring new one or expensively rebuilding a pipe organ which lacks the desired tonal resources to begin with.  We would love to have the opportunity to speak with you to see if an M&O Revelation System might be the perfect alternative to those other not-so-great options.