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OPUS 5 - Oratory, Ave Maria University, FL

(Watch Videos of Opus 5 Below)

Click HERE for Opus 5's Specifications
The Oratory at Ave Maria University is a stunning new church blessed with crystalline acoustics. This exceptional clarity allows every subtle detail of M&O's organ building art to be heard and evaluated, whether it be the quietest Flute Celeste, a subtle action noise, or details within the massive full organ ensemble. 
Opus 5's design was shaped by the needs of the Roman Catholic liturgy and the educational goals of its university setting, with a specification and layout by Cameron Carpenter. The console is on a rolling platform so that the balcony may be readily reset to accommodate the variety of musical ensembles. The instrument speaks spectacularly from the loft directly into the room. 44 of the speakers of the organ's 48-channel sound system are placed in an array on the back wall of the Oratory, positioned to give appropriate location-orientation and
 and gravitas to each division while the four subwoofers are located nearby on the floor for maximum acoustic coupling. An architectural screen evocative of organ pipes may eventually cover the sound system.
Links to videos and MP3's of
Marshall & Ogletree Opus 5
Featured Video of Opus 5

Doug Marshall plays J.S. Bach - Prelude & Fugue in E-flat major, The "St. Anne"

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