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OPUS 7 - St. Stephen Martyr Roman Catholic Church, Washington, D.C.

(Watch Videos of Opus 7 Below)

The Church of St. Stephen Martyr in Washington, DC is a famous one. It is the closest Roman Catholic parish to the White House and the US Capitol building, and as a result, it has been the church home of many famous US politicians, including President John F. Kennedy.
The building is mid-century modern in its architectural style, with soaring arches used throughout its fascinating interior spaces. Fortunately, as is so often not the case, an effort was made to preserve the acoustic resonance of the space when building materials were originally chosen, and
the room is blessed with a rich, expansively reverberant acoustic for one which seats only about 500 people.The organ was designed in conjuction with Neil Weston, the Director of Music at the church. A native of the U.K., Neil is a superb musician, and had many excellent ideas to contribute about the design and installation of the instrument. You can see some of Neil's videos playing Opus 7 below.
The console is installed in a side balcony that originally housed a modestly sized pipe organ. Now, the former pipe chamber is home to Opus 7's 32 channel audio system, neatly installed on custom platforms the church built for us.
The console boasts polished bone keyboard coverings on long-shank English wood keyboards. The church's arched motif is represented on the console's side panels, and the interior wood is our signature 'French Polished' Mahogany.
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