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Proof of Concept 2:

An Unanticipated Encounter of Organs and Organists, 53 Years Apart

Marshall & Ogletree presents a fascinating study and comparison of 2 great organists, 2 great organs and 2 great concert venues – within a single piece of music!
Proof of Concept 2:

An Unanticipated Encounter of Organs & Organists

"After listening to Doug Marshall's magnificent rendition of the Franck Grande Pièce Symphonique at the Kravis Center, I went back to review Virgil Fox's iconic performance of the same piece from Philharmonic Hall in the 1960’s. I was struck by the similarities heard in Doug’s and Virgil’s interpretations, as well as the similar sound of the two organs.
Virgil’s original performance of the GPS was completely unique, breathtaking, the stuff of legends. Yet, aside from minor registrational differences, the two performances are eerily similar. Perhaps this provides the clearest illustration yet of the fact that, despite the many organists who have laid claim to his musical legacy and mantle, Virgil Fox only referred to one of his students as his “Ace” – Doug Marshall.
I had the crazy idea of creating a composite performance shifting back and forth between the two at appropriate points during the piece. This would allow the listener to evaluate our work in a way not otherwise possible. Many have written in to say that they have found the results of this comparison 'unsettling'...
So, sit back and enjoy this daring A/B comparison of some of the best work of another Boston organ builder with our work today here at M&O. We hope you’ll be intrigued, and will connect with us about your upcoming organ projects. We’d be honored to build an instrument for you."
David Ogletree, Principal
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