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“More than dreamers, Ogletree and Marshall are revolutionaries in the erudite, passionate, and proudly obscure world of organ building. From their base in Needham, Mass., they have set out to build the finest, cost-is-no-object digital organs in the world — instruments to rival in grandeur the world’s leading pipe organs. And by many accounts have succeeded, brilliantly.”

Malcolm Gay, The Boston Globe, 10/4/15
“A Revolution Rattling the World of Organ Music”




“Here is the first proof that the touring organ is no pipe dream but a genuine dream organ, a fantastically versatile electronic instrument with magnificent sounds sampled from Carpenter's favorite organs around the world.”

Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times, 8/26/14
Album Review: “If You Could Read My Mind”

by Cameron Carpenter on M&O Opus 8



“On Sunday at Alice Tully Hall, [Cameron Carpenter] realized a fantasy with the world premiere of his International Touring Organ, made by Marshall & Ogletree, organ builders in Needham, Mass., who, as Mr. Carpenter has said, are redefining the digital organ as an instrument of artistic significance.”

“So how does it sound? Quite terrific.”

Anthony Tommasini, Chief Music Critic, The New York Times
Concert Review, 3/11/14

“I am convinced that there is tremendous accomplishment and even greater potential in the latest Marshall & Ogletree organs. They are at a wholly different—and higher—level than any ordinary commercial electronic organs. The quality of the sound is astonishing! However, the technology is disruptive and will doubtless face opposition from traditionalists.”

Dr. Ernest May, Professor Emeritus, Former Chairman

Dept. Music & Dance, University of Massachusetts

Feature Article, UMass Magazine, Spring 2017



PBS Newshour  - "This Musician is taking the sound of the pipe organ on the road”

Video and transcript from June 19, 2019 broadcast segment by Cat Wise

Boston Globe Video Documentary:

"Build of a Digital Organ"

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