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OPUS 11 - Alexander W. Dreyfoos Hall, Raymond F. Kravis Center,

West Palm Beach, FL

(Watch Videos of Opus 11 Below)

When Alexander Dreyfoos spearheaded the effort to build a world class concert hall in West Palm Beach, FL, he had always imagined that there would be a pipe organ installed in the beautiful facilty someday. Yet, as so often happens with a project of that scope, desireable things invariably get cut 'for now' and put onto the back burner. When Mr. Dreyfoos (80, an American inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist)
learned of a diagnosis of early-stage Alzheimer's Disease in 2012, he became determined that his wish for a great organ for the Kravis Center would be fulfilled, and that he would hear it played during his lifetime. In 2014, Mr. Dreyfoos became aware of The International Touring Organ and Cameron Carpenter's dream of bringing a great instrument to the stages of the world. Mr. Dreyfoos consulted with Carpenter, and a decision was made to commission Marshall & Ogletee to build an instrument nearly identical to the International Touring Organ, but one modified slightly for general ease of play and employing a larger 96-channel audio system for the 2,000+ seat Alexander W. Dreyfoos Hall, where it would principally reside.
A provision was also made for the instrument to be able to be used with headphones for silent practice anywhere it can be wheeled to in the facility, and to have a separate 24-channel audio system for use in the Rinker Playhouse, a more intimate 400-seat venue adjacent to Dreyfoos Hall. In total, the instrument will have 120 audio channels and 30,000 watts of audio power. Mr. Dreyfoos told us, "I'd better hear it over the orchestra in the Saint-Saens [Sym. 3, mvt. 4]!"
He said he heard it just fine.
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