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OPUS 18 - Knight Recital Hall, University of Miami, FL
Installation Planned for March, 2023

Opus 18's Specifications Coming Soon!
The University of Miami has earned a enviable reputation for excellence in education in many areas of study, and music is certainly one of them. Shelton Berg, Dean of the Frost School of Music at UMiami, has created an amazing and diverse music department which attracts talented students from all over the world. That being said, one instrument not broadly represented at the University until now has been the organ. The creation of a new state-of-the-art recital hall provided the perfect opportunity to rectify that!
Marshall & Ogletree Organ Builders was asked to design a truly unique instrument which will actually serve 2 separate performance spaces within the complex. In addition to the Dorothy & David Weaver Auditorium, the new Knight Recital Hall complex will also feature an inspiring rehearsal space large enough to hold the University's symphony orchestra, large choral groups and numerous other departmental ensembles.

The new Marshall & Ogletree organ, currently under construction, will become our Opus 18 when complete. It features a custom-designed console of solid maple stained to match the interior woodwork of the auditorium, and incorporates  stepped architectural elements which complement the space. Though it's compact in design, the instrument will make a dramatic visual and sonic impact when on stage. It will also wheel easily into the large rehearsal space at the other end of the building, where it can be used for both practice and performances as well. Two permanent independent tone generation and audio systems will be installed in the two spaces, allowing the console to move easily between them and connect up via a single ethernet cable. 

This console will also feature a 2 channel built-in sound system with headphone capability allowing for private practice when the organ is not located in one of the 2 main performance spaces. Practicing could take place in any available room within the facility, including the instrument storage room in which it will reside in between performances.

We so excited and can't wait to see how this installation turns out. The inclusion of this instrument as a key element of such a visionary new music space could signal the start of an important new organ study program in South Florida!
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