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OPUS 14 - Resurrection Episcopal Church, Greenwood, SC

(Watch Videos of Opus 14 Below)

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The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection is a thriving parish in the city of Greenwood, SC. Once dominated by railroads, textile mills and other manufacturing, Greenwood is now home to high-tech manufacturing and a revitalized 'Uptown' area. One of the more handsome structures in Uptown Greenwood is Resurrection Church, with its elegant and simply decorated sanctuary and its expansive physical plant.
The church was previously home to a small pipe organ of mixed heritage, one which was never especially successful in the space. The organ search committee, after considerable study, heard about a remarkable digital instrument installed in a recital hall of nearby Erskine College (M&O Opus 3), and set about to investigate. After hearing the instrument, a decision was made to pursue the idea of having a new Marshall & Ogletree Opus organ built for Resurrection Episcopal Church.
As fortune would have it, our firm had just completed the installation of our Opus 12 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Dedham, MA, whereby we had replaced the console of their 1959 Casavant pipe organ with a new custom-built Marshall & Ogletree Opus console. The original Casavant console was taken back to our shop and set aside for possible rebuilding at a future time. It's availability afforded a great opportunity to build a more affordable Opus organ for Resurrection Parish using the Casavant console as a basis.  A plan to refinish the console, replace the keyboards and rebuild the pedalboard and to create new drawknob jambs and coupler rail for the expanded stoplist was finalized. Being our first rebuilt-console Opus, the process took a little longer than expected, but the result is a stunning piece of cabinetry and high technology.
Opus 14 is now a modern, full-featured 50-stop 3 manual organ with Great, Swell and Pedal divisions in the old pipe organ chamber across the chancel from the console, the choir division on a shelf above the console and a flexible Antiphonal division on shelves towards the back of the nave on right and left sides. The net result is an enveloping instrument with almost unbelievable power, subtlety and tonal color, perfect for any kind of service playing and recital work. The reviews are in: Opus 14 is a winner!
Featured Video of Opus 14

Vierne - Final from Symphony 1 - Doug Marshall

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