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OPUS 15 - Blessed Sacrament Church, New York, NY

(Watch Videos of Opus 15 Below)

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There's an old expression - "One party's loss is another party's gain." When Marshall & Ogletree Opus 1 was removed from Trinity Church, it created a very special opportunity for another customer. And that's exactly what the leadership at Church of the Blessed Sacrament in midtown Manhattan seized upon!

The church's venerable 1950 Casavant pipe organ in the gallery had fallen into significant disrepair, having been damaged by water leaks and plagued by general aging issues.
A decision was made to not pursue further repairs to the instrument, but rather to explore other options. When the opportunity to purchase one half of the world's most famous digital organ presented itself, the church leadership jumped at the chance. The results of the installation are positively spectacular.
As terrific as the instrument sounded at Trinity Church, it was hampered by the narrow and very deep gallery organ chamber, which required much working around, acoustically. Blessed Sacrament has no such issues, with the gallery pipe organ case spanning the entire width of the church and the full height from balcony floor up to peak of the 90' arched ceiling! It provides a perfect screen for the 38 channels of audio which speak as the Gallery Organ, which includes all 6 divisions of the instrument.
A desire was expressed to be able to bring the sound of the instrument closer to the sanctuary area. We designed and installed a Chancel Organ, which includes stops from the Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal divisions. The Chancel Organ is activated by a single thumb piston, but it is in reality a complete second organ with its own independent samples, tone generator and 18-channel audio system. In this way, the installation mimics the original Opus 1 installation at Trinity, though using one console rather than two.
Blessed Sacrament church is a vibrant, busy church community, committed to excellence in music, liturgy and community outreach through the arts. Their new Marshall & Ogletree organ will be a featured component of their outreach programs going forward, under the able direction of brilliant organist Dr. Jason Roberts, winner of the National AGO Competition in improvisation and Fr. David Nolan, Pastor.
Links to other videos and MP3's of Marshall & Ogletree Opus 15
Featured Video of Opus 15

Jason Roberts - Improvisation on "Salve Regina"

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